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 1. Surfing is a highly skilled sport that can also be used to relax, exercise and meet new people. These guidelines will help you catch your first wave on your own, and possibly even find a new hobby. To help you start your new adventure, we have compiled some helpful beginner surfing advice.

First, you don't have to learn how to surf by yourself. No matter how easy it may seem, you should never attempt to surf by yourself. You can either hire a friend who is an expert or sign up for a beginner's camp. This will help you avoid injury and possibly even putting your life in danger.

Look for a great teacherDo your research about the instructors before you sign up for surf lessons. You should ensure that they have a lot experience and positive feedback. Sometimes a good trainer will not only teach you how surf, but also inspire and help you to fall in love with this sport.

The Beginnings of HawaiiThe first surfing references were found in Polynesia. Cave art depicts people riding on waves from the 12th century. Because of their seafarings, Polynesians brought surfing to Hawaii. The activity quickly became very popular. Surfing was more than a sport in Hawaii. It was also a religion.

It was crucial that the tree be chosen. Religious ceremonies were also observed when the surfboard was being made. These rites were a form protection and a way to secure the gods' goodwill. Although everyone could surf, there were rules that governed who could and couldn't.

Soon, Christian missionaries were dispatched to Hawaii in order to start the colonization process. The way of life in Hawaii was beautiful before the colonization. But it has changed dramatically since then. Hawaiians had to dress up and go to church every Sunday, and their children had to go to school. Although surfing's popularity declined throughout this period it did not disappear completely.

The Global Proliferation of Surfing:Mark Twain, Jack London and Jack London were two of the most prominent writers on travel books. Their reports on surfing piqued curiosity and made the sport more popular. As more people tried surfing, the history of surfing was continued. Over time, the first surf clubs were formed and the lifeguards on the beaches became the beach boys.

Duke Kahanamoku was the most famous surfer. "The Duke" was a talented swimmer, and one of the best surfers in the Hawaiian Islands. In 1912, he competed at the Olympic Games in Stockholm. He won the 100-meter freestyle race with a crawling technique that he had learned from surfing. He traveled the globe, spreading surfing to every corner of the globe after his success.

The 51st State of the United States was Hawaii. This marked a significant increase in tourism to the islands.

The Surfboard Innovation - How it turned out:The tools were able to surf by themselves. However, the times have changed a lot. The Second World War saw a new generation of adhesives. Joe Quigg invented the round nose made of fibreglass and laminated fins. These advances enabled amazing maneuvers.

The current 3-fin shortboard system was invented by Simon Anderson, an Australian. This was the last step that led to the ultimate experience of the most premium longboard shortboards available.

BESTLONGBOARD SURFBOARD: Your Perfect Companion in The Your Wild Adventure

There are many longboard surfboards on the market. You will enjoy your surfing and have a greater chance of success if you choose the right longboardsurfboard.

Longboard surfing is one of the many styles of surfboards that has been enjoyed for years by all levels of surfers. Because it offers more fun and waves than any other type of surfboard, longboard surfing is very popular.

It also presents a greater physical challenge to skilled surfers who want to learn new techniques. Your surfing experience will be much more enjoyable if you have the best longboard surfing board and surfing wetsuit.

Let's get to it.

Why choose the longboard surfboard instead?

You can do any sport if you have the right equipment. Surfing is a different sport. Throughout your surfing experience, you can differentiate between different waves and none. It is important to choose the best longboard surfboard for high performance.

The surfing experience is greatly affected by the choice of the right surfboard. This is not the "fresh model". Both volume and rocker are correct. The volume is the board's floatation. All three dimensions are dependent on each other. When you begin surfing, you need a lot of volume. You can choose a longboard or foamboard. Boards that are long, thick, long and flat have more volume. We recommend a very large, thick longboard surfboard for the first few days.



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It is important to choose the right item for your budget, even when it comes to sleeping bag liners. It is important to choose the right sleeping bag liner for your needs. It will protect your expensive sleeping bag from sweat, rips, and a muddy camping ground, as well as increase its durability. It will also add warmth and comfort to your sleep experience, no matter if you are camping in the wild or exploring Scotland. It is a way to increase the comfort and durability of your sleeping bag.


A liner is useful for hostel-hopping, especially if it's hot. The best sleepingbag liner should be used.


What are the main points to consider when buying a sleeping bag liner?

SubstanceSilk, synthetics and cotton are all common materials for sleeping bag liners. The nylon shell can also have synthetic insulation. This means that the inner warmth of the liner is not lost. The insulated liner is used to keep the interior warm in winter and the cotton liner helps maintain airflow so that the interior doesn't become too hot. The best sleeping bag liner is the one that you can find.


Silk sleeping bag liners pack extremely small and are very lightweight. Silk also dries quickly. Silk is naturally antiparasitic, and can be knitted into very thin fabrics. Silk sleeping bag liners are an excellent option.


Shape: First, there are two types available on the market.Mummy2.Rectangular. Mummyshapes are better as they fit with your body and perfectly hold the space you use in a natural camping site. The complete list below will give you an overview of the top sleeping bag liners.

The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner This is a rectangular lining, not the mummy style that is popular on the market. Rectangulars are more comfortable and spacious. This is the longest lining you can find at 41 inches wide. It has a nice texture. It feels silkier than taffeta and doesn't stick, unlike other liners. It is easy to use and quiet. The long side opening can be closed with Velcro tabs, or a zipper.

This one is not the best, but it's the least expensive. You can also use the pocket to store a full-sized pillow in it for comfortable sleep.

First, it is a rectangular lining, not the mummy design that is so common on the market. Rectangular is more spacious and comfortable. This is the longest lining you can find at 41 inches wide. It has a nice texture. It feels like silk, not taffeta. The long side opening can be closed with Velcro tabs, or a zipper.

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Additional Information

You can wash it in a variety of ways, including machine wash or dry wash. This means you don't need to spend too much time cleaning. It is lightweight and doesn't take up too much space in a bag, like most liners. It adds about 5 to 8 degrees warmth to standard sleeping bags. It can be used alone on warm nights. You can use it to sleep overnight on a sailboat where you don’t require much coverage.

It's a great product that is much cheaper than other branded liners on the market. It will meet your expectations.

The longboard surfboard is a magnificent thing! Longboards are a source of pure joy on the water. They're graceful, cruisey and very fun. The euphoric glide on a longboard is unrivalled, no matter if you are a longboarder or a shortboarder.

Longboards can be great for beginners due to their size and natural nature. However, longboards don't just work for beginners. Many talented surfers have made it their life goal to learn how to dance on longboards.

Longboarding is widely considered the most graceful form of surfing. It involves long lines, noseriding and stylish trimming. There's also plenty of hotdogging.

The length of a longboard is typically between 9 and 12 feet in length and 20 to 24 inches in width. Longboards are available in many designs, just like all types of surfboards. There are many types of longboards, but we will only briefly mention the main ones: the traditional longboard (AKA log), high-performance longboard (AKA longboard), and soft-top longboard.


Longboards with high performance are made with more rocker, advanced rails and bottom contours and lighter weight. This gives the rider greater maneuverability and allows them to surf more aggressively. Traditional logs are made with heavier fiberglass and have traditional rails and bottom contours. This gives the rider more momentum and stability when walking or noseriding.

Soft top surfboards, made of a soft foam material, are buoyant, lightweight, paddle-friendly, and durable. Soft tops were once considered the ugly duckling of surfboards. They've become very popular in recent years and are available in many sizes and shapes. These longboards can be used by beginners, as well as those who are more experienced.

Longboards are not only fun but also allow you to surf in better conditions. This means you can surf longer days. A longboard will allow you to catch waves that your shorter board can't. Are you looking for two-foot waves? Longboard, your rescue! Are high tide fat rollers in the mix? Longboard time. Are you feeling tired and hungover? Longboard, welcome!

No matter how long you have been surfing, at least one longboard will help you surf more conditions and have fun doing it. Here's a list with 34 great longboards and their makers to help you get inspired in your search for the perfect board.

There are many types of surfboards available on the market. It is crucial to choose the right one as it will impact your surfing skills and experience.


Longboarding is a popular choice among all the different types of surfboards. It has been loved by many surfers, both beginners and more experienced. Longboard surfing is a favorite among surfers because it offers more fun and waves than any other type of surfboard.

It also provides more challenge for experienced surfers who want to learn new techniques. The best longboard surfboards and the best surfing suits will make surfing more fun.

Based on my personal experience and extensive research, I've compiled a list of the top longboard surfboards. This detailed review will help you to find the perfect longboard surfboard for your needs, budget, and body type.


Let's get started!

Why a Longboard Surfboard is Important?

There are many types of surfboards on the market. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. You should be aware that each type of surfboard has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let's look at some of the reasons you should get a longboard for your surfing activities.

Surfers who are just starting out

For a variety of reasons, longboards are highly recommended by beginner surfers. It is easier to ride than shorter boards. Longboard surfboards are usually longer than other designs.


A longboard is a great choice, as you can easily ride it and maneuver it even if this is your first time surfing. Longboards are easier to catch waves. You'll have more speed to paddle out.

Experienced surfers

Are you an experienced surfer looking to improve your surfing skills? But big swells can sometimes not happen the way you expect. Longboards are the best option in this situation.

Longboard surfing boards will allow you to learn more advanced techniques and enjoy the waves. Longboards offer more waves than other boards, which will make for a more enjoyable standing time.

The SBBC Hybrid Longboard Soft Top Surfboard is a hybrid of a soft-top and hardboard. This surfboard is versatile and durable enough to last a lifetime.

The core material of the board is made from closed-cellEPS. This material is considered one of the strongest and can protect the board from scratches and damage.

Its top deck is also made of waterproof material to prevent slippage. With more stability, you can surf faster. You don't even need surf wax.

This board also comes with many accessories that will make surfing more fun. Accessories include a leash and a water-repellent tail fin.

The board is responsive and can be ridden in small, crumbly and mushy waves. This board's outstanding performance is due to its use of top-quality materials that ensure it durability and high performance.


Its top deck is also made of waterproof material to prevent slippage. With more stability, you can surf faster. You don't even need surf wax.

This board also comes with many accessories that will make surfing more fun. Accessories include a leash and a water-repellent tail fin.

The board is responsive and can be ridden in small, crumbly and mushy waves. This board's outstanding performance is due to its use of top-quality materials that ensure it durability and high performance.



Make it last

High-quality, strong materials

There's no need to wax

Free of damage and scratches

Leash and fin included

Can be done in small waves

2. Wavestorm 9' Classic Pinline LongboardSurfboard

This Wavestorm 9' Classic Pinline Longboard is a great option for those who want to learn how to surf longboards.

This model is the most popular among all Wavestormmodels. This board is lightweight and easy to use making it a great choice for beginners. It is also ideal for professional surfers who want to get the most from it.

Wavestorm 9' Classic Pinline's bottom slick is made of high-density, polyethylene. This protects the board from any damage. It also comes with a strong ESP Core foam and three stringers. It is durable so you don't have to worry about it.

The board has a volume of 98 liters, which means it is ideal for those who are under 200 pounds. It also comes with a leash, fins and traction pad. This makes it an excellent deal.



Includes a leash, traction pad, and fins

High-quality materials



This kit is suitable for both novice and advanced surfers.

3. Creative Army Five Sugars Longboard Surfboard PU Longboard

The Creative Army Five Sugars PU Longboard Surfboard has a strong and durable construction made of polyurethane. It also features a moderate rocker profile. This makes it a great choice for nose riding.

The top design is one of the best features of this board. Although it looks simple, this design is powerful enough to allow you to charge the wave effortlessly. You can also enjoy faster trimming when surfing because of its flatter midsection.

This board provides more stability for beginners. This board is available in two sizes and two colors. You can choose the size and color that suits your body best.


Ideal for nose riders

Strong and sturdy material


Flatter midsection allows for faster trimming

Stability and stability

4. Wavestorm 8' Longboard Surfboard

Do you enjoy surfing, but aren't sure which type of surfboard to choose? Wavestorm 8' Classic Longboard Surfboard is a great choice.

This board is ideal for beginners, as well as for children, and can be used extensively in surfing classes. It is light and easy to use.

This board, like other longboard surfboards is made of high-density plasticethylene. This strong material can withstand the impact of harsh waves and will last a long time. This foam surfboard has an ESP core that includes three strings to increase its durability.

This board also has bold thru fins that can be removed at any time, an ankle leash and fraction pad. These features make it easy to balance and avoid sliding on the top of the board.



It's easy to catch waves

For easy transport, lightweight and soft

Incredible buoyancy

High-quality materials


Accessories are included


5. Modern Surfboards Love Child Longboard PU

Modern Surfboards Love Child Longboard PU is the perfect combination of stability and maneuverability. This board is a great choice for women.

Its profile features a lower rock that is ideal for people who wish to surf on the nose. It also features a pin tail that provides you with more lift when surfing.

Modern Surfboards Love Child (PU) is, as the name suggests, made of PU material. This is one of the strongest materials that can guarantee the board's durability.

The board measures 6 feet long. This length is considered a good length for women. This is because women are typically shorter than men.


Material that lasts

Perfect for women surfers

Design for lower rock

For more lift, pin tail

6. Stormblade Storm Blade 10' Storm BladeLongboard Surfboard

The bottom of the Stormblade Storm Blade 10' Storm Blade Longboard Surfboard has a high-density, polyethylene construction. This material is strong and durable to ensure that the board lasts a long time.

The core foam is made from ESP and three layers of marine string. These can be adjusted to suit your needs. This is the best feature of this board.

It also comes with all accessories necessary for the best surfing experience. The Stormblade 10' Storm Blade comes with silica rings and strap top plugs, grease tubs, and fins.

For easy transport and storage, the fins can be easily removed. It is also super buoyant and suitable for both beginners and experts surfers.


Value for money

Accessory set includes all the necessary accessories

High-quality materials

It is easy to use


It is easy to store and transport

7. California Board Company 9' Foam LongboardSurfboard

California Board Company 9' Foam Longboard Surfboard has an exceptional soft top that makes it a great board for intermediate and novice surfers.


Because of its incredible length and thickness, it is a great choice for adults from average to large sizes.

This board will balance your position more effectively than other boards. It provides a stable platform that allows you to ride more smoothly. You can have more fun and smooth rides.

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This California Board Company 9' Foam comes with a string and leash of high quality and three water-repellent Fins. These accompanied features are simple to install so there is no need to worry about assembly.

This board, like other longboard surfboards on this list is made with top-grade ESP foam core foam. This helps to prevent waterlogging and scratches.


Design that is thick and buoyant

Longboard with soft top

High-quality materials

Waterproof and scratch-free

String, leash and fin included

8. 8.

Are you looking for a longboard surfing board for the whole family? This Liquid Shredder Soft Longboard Surfboard is a great choice. This board is ideal for all levels of surfer: novices to pros.

This board's most notable feature is its soft material, stretchy fins and safety features. Your kids will have a lot of fun while having fun on this board.

Liquid Shredder FSE is extremely stiff due to its EFEfoam, fiberglass and two wooden rails. It is also made of durable white polypropylene (polypropylene), which is one of the strongest materials.


This is a great option for novice surfers as well as pro riders.

High-quality materials

Laminated heat without glue

Strength and rigidity

Stretchy fins for injured-free

The 11 Best Longboard Surfboards for 2021

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, it is important that you ride the best longboard surfboards to make the most out of the sport.

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Why Use One?

For backpackers, a mummy-shaped bag liner helps keep your sleeping bag free of dirt and body oils. In hot climates, you can use a bag liner or travel sheet by itself and forgo the sleeping bag.

Kinds Of Ba Liners

Opt for due to the sort of component utilized:


Even lightweight hikers often make room in their packs for a sleeping liner simply because it improves their chances of getting comfy and cozy on the trail. We focus a lot on comfort when it comes to our sleep systems-- because it's the thing that helps you doze off in unforgiving terrain.

Breathability: Sleeping bags may obtain balmy. You prefer your lining to aid pull away any sort of dampness off of your body system. Certainly not vital, yet seek linings along with the "CoolMax" trademarked component if you often tend to sweat.

Resting bag linings: why you require one

Ever been a little bit disappointed that your 40 degree sleeping bag starts feeling a bit chilly even at 45? In that case, or even if you just fancy a bit of a comfort booster while catching your nightly winks, a sleeping bag liner is definitely going to be a welcome and worthwhile addition to your kit.



You make use of a resting bag lining for the exact same causes you place pieces on your bedroom-- care. You perhaps do not rest straight on your cushion or even down bedspread considering that they're a great deal tougher to acquire well-maintained than a collection of pieces.

Insect Protection: If you as if to cattle herder camping ground (no outdoor tents) a whole lot, insects creeping during the night on as well as around you could be a problem. Some linings possess insect resisting layered cloths to hinder any sort of the undesirable scary crawlies.

Out in bush-- in the dirty globe of jumping and also action-packed experiences-- this complication could be significantly as you deliver a time's really worth (that recognizes, perhaps numerous full weeks' well worth) of sweat, gunk and also B.O. in to your resting bag. A resting lining is actually a much-needed obstacle that may considerably increase your cleanliness specifications on the route. It's much easier to clean a liner than it is to wash a down sleeping bag or synthetic sleeping bag.


Making use of a resting lining will definitely improve the lifespan of your resting bag. The buildup of oils coming from your skin layer may move in to the down or even artificial filler of your resting bag-- avoiding it coming from totally lofting as well as maintaining you hot. As well as that desires to spend for a high-grade resting bag simply to halve its own functionality?

A sleeping bag liner is not only great extra warmth in cold weather, but it's also great for warm weather. Instead of packing your heavy and bulky sleeping bag around with you that will be a sweaty oven, you might be able to only pack your liner.

Conical or even Rectangular: You can easily obtain linings that are actually rectangularly formed (additional huge to oversleep) or even blended around the scalp and also feets (lighter as well as much more small). Some likewise featured a modifiable drawstring around the scalp to "mummy" it around your skin.

Most sleeping bag material is synthetic. A soft liner to cuddle up inside is the next best thing.

Certainly not all resting bag linings are actually produced equivalent. Listed below are actually some distinguishing variables.

The sand that you deliver in to a resting bag can easily likewise function its own method via the light in weight skin textile. As soon as these little surfaces create their means in to the protection, they may imitate sand paper and also ruin the down or even artificial filler.

Relying on the product utilized, it may additionally improve the temperature level score of your bag through an additional 5-15F, including coziness on those frigid evenings.

Extra Warmth. Relying on the fullness, a resting lining may aid shield a bunch of added priceless heat energy inside your resting bag. Instance: a resting bag ranked at 30 amounts, along with the add-on of a 10 amount lining, might after that be actually ranked at twenty levels.

A really good traveling and also outdoor camping slab will definitely maintain your resting bag well-maintained, extending it is actually lifestyle.

Resting Bag Protection. On the tidiness keep in mind, through using a lining in the evening, you are going to undoubtedly reduce the quantity of gunk, oil as well as unclean walker gunks that meets your resting bag. Guarding a $500 bag along with a $fifty lining helps make a great deal of feeling.

Silk helps insulate in cold weather but is absorbent and breathable in warm weather. Price: moderate to expensive.

Cotton: Strong, tough as well as absorbing, yet certainly not the lightest or even very most small. Cost: cost-effective.

Fleece as well as microfleece: Warmer (amounts to 12 ° F) and also bigger. Fleece is actually smooth, moisture-wicking as well as quick-drying, however the mid- as well as abundant wide arrays are actually cumbersome. Rate: medium.

Insulated( e.g., Thermolite ® ): This adds up to a claimed 25 ° F of warmth, so you can greatly extend the range of a lightweight bag. It uses hollow-core fiber insulation which helps it dry 50% faster than cotton. Price: moderate to expensive.

In bug-infested locations, look at a lining along with integrated pest defense, including the Insect Shield ® defense supplied in numerous designs through Sea to Summit.


This unrecognized hero of the rest device can possibly do every thing coming from improving the comfort of your resting bag to enhancing its own functional life expectancy.

It is a huge pain to wash a sleeping bag. It can be especially painful washing a down sleeping bag. On the contrary, sleeping bag liners are easily washable at home and can save you a trip to the cleaners.

Heat energy Rating: Most firms will definitely deliver some type of temp score in the specifications. This amount is actually just the added volume of coziness it can easily offer. The hottest hiking linings are actually ranked around 15-25 levels.


A resting lining may incorporate a handful of levels heat to your down or even artificial resting bag. Our THERMOLITE ® Reactor Liner may amount to 14 ° F and also a slim Cotton Liner snares an additional level of sky to aid protect.

Resting bag linings are actually an essential for any kind of treking journey.

Convenience is actually family member, certainly-- maybe the hassle-free sense of a cotton lining or even the legroom an oblong match gives (our experts also possess an extra-wide, if that's your bag). Regardless, consider what is actually pleasant for you as well as create it a top priority.

Body weight: Obviously, a 25 level thermic lining will definitely measure greater than a 5 level piece. Think about just how much of a top priority the thermic residential properties are actually to you just before acquiring a hefty lining. Even the thickest liners should not weigh more than a pound.

To acquire the best away from your rest unit start-up, our company've organized the greatest resource to resting linings-- why to make use of one, just how to decide on one and also just how to look after it.

Materials: There are several types of liner materials: cotton, silk, fleece, merino wool and polyester 'blends' are the most common. Silk is ultra lightweight and very comfortable, but less durable. Merino wool is the best for weight, warmth and comfort, except for its hefty price tag.

Yep, for an added handful of hundred grams of body weight as well as a dimension similar to a set of belts, each one of the above worry about can be effortlessly steered clear of. Below is actually just how:


Resting bag linings function considerably likewise as your layering body carries out in apparel, creating an incorporated barrier in between your physical body as well as the background sky, producing a level or even wallets of hot sky on either edge. This may boost the reduced temperature level score of you resting bag through approximately 5 levels.


If you occur to become summer months backpacking when nighttime temperature levels are actually a little bit of extremely cozy for your resting bag however a little bit of very amazing for oversleeping the outdoors, your lining may offer you that small amount of coziness as well as convenience required to get inside some comfortable kip.


Even if we're particularly fussy about bodily cleanliness when in the outdoors, sleeping bags tend to concentrate and collect odor like no other material known to man. Liners counter that problem by offering a washable 'barrier' and so can also extend the life of your sleeping bag by minimising washing and protecting the materials from, well, you!

Kinds of resting bag lining.


If you're significant concerning your resting bag lining as well as do not mind investing a bit even more to obtain the most effective, cotton is actually the means to go. Certainly not merely carries out cotton believe oh-so-good versus the skin layer as well as call for extremely occasional cleaning, it loads up to an exceptionally tiny measurements (a ping pong sphere is actually an excellent evaluation) and also may analyze just 200g.


Having a liner will spare you the affront of that decade's accumulated grime and 'musk'. The same goes if you're staying in hostels-- while they're unlikely to stipulate that you use a liner, in our experience there are sure to be a few occasions when it's highly advisable!

Cotton as well as polycotton

The 'cheap' option, cotton and polycotton liners usually offer a very comfy, cosy feel and can even boost the warmth of your sleeping bag by a degree or two more than silk options. They do not pinch to very so tiny a bundle as silk liners and usually weigh a fraction more, but are normally a little less prone to ripping, a good deal cheaper, and can be thrown in the washing machine with the rest of your smellies without damaging the fabric.

What to look for in a sleeping bag liner

01  Weight

Whichever sleeping bag liner you opt to buy, the chances are it won't add more than a few hundred grams of weight to your pack. If the liner you are considering buying happens to be extremely light, be sure to check that those extra grams haven't been shaved off at the expense of length or other features.

02   Shape

Sleeping bag liners come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of every adventurer:

Standard: Rectangular shaped liner with more room at your feet than mummy liners

Long: As above but adapted for taller humans

Mummy: Wider at the shoulders and narrower at the feet, these liners are super-snug and offer a better fit for mummy-style sleeping bags. Many models also come with a hood for that extra cocoon-like feel

Double-width version: For those travelling in two or of an excessively claustrophobic disposition

Traveller: Usually rectangular in shape, a fraction longer than standard liners and with a built-in pillow extension in case you happen to be staying in a hut, hostel, bothy or hotel where concern over hygiene is not especially in evidence

03   Convenience

This is all about machine-washability. While silk liners are usually hands-down winners in terms of quality and packability, to keep them in good nick you'll have to wash them by hand. Polycotton and microfiber liners, however, can all be chucked in the machine with the rest of your gear.

04   Value for money

Having already forked out a hefty amount for your sleeping bag, you want to make sure you're lining it with something that will offer the best in terms of the price to performance ratio. If a liner is pricey, check that it's of good quality and has the blessing of happy customers in user reviews. If you find a liner that's very cheap, try to find what it's missing that other liners have (double stitching, hood, antibacterial properties and a small pack size

For backpackers, a mummy-shaped bag liner helps keep your sleeping bag free of dirt and body oils. In hot climates, you can use a bag liner or travel sheet by itself and forgo the sleeping bag.

It's much easier to clean a liner than it is to wash a down sleeping bag or synthetic sleeping bag.

Using a sleeping liner will increase the life of your sleeping bag. Depending on the thickness, a sleeping liner can help insulate a lot of extra precious heat inside your sleeping bag.


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